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Inukshuk Stuff

I recently released my latest CD "Inukshuk", you can listen to samples and read lyrics here.

You can stream all the samples into a player such as Windows Media Player using this playlist

Inukshuk Cover Back of the Inukshuk Jewl Case
Track30sec SampleLyrics
Inukshuk (intro)Listen
Side 2 SideListenLyrics
360 DegreesListenLyrics
Who Needs A Beat?ListenLyrics
Making History featuring: Well Put, The Joe & Tony StoneListen
Amazing GraceListenLyrics
Polski RapskiListenLyrics
Hieroglyphics featuring: Leah PessoaListenLyrics
I Want To BeListenLyrics
It's So SimpleListenLyrics
Milk featuring: The JoeListen
Life With You featuring: Pee Wee CallinsListen
The MusicListenLyrics
$5 BillListenLyrics
Inside of the Inukshuk cover