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A Biomagical Biography Of Jonek


From a home that banned Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, comes a uniquely outspoken emcee whose focus is to broaden respect for the hip hop art form while spreading a positive message. Jonek's brand of hip hop is easygoing, fun, and yet relevant and hard hitting as his music relates to today's youth on a level that only a kid could pull off. He is exactly that: a big kid with a passion for music, and a passion to see other kids walking on the straight and narrow.

Jonek performances treat the audience to a rare display of beatboxing, fresh lyrics, and good times. "I'm not really into that rap stuff" is a comment usually heard by J1K, only to be followed by a "but I really liked your music". Jonek has performed at stages everywhere, and is bound to show up at a youth rally near you. He has opened for artists such as Pigeon John, KJ-52, Manafest, and Dragon Fli Empire.

Inukshuk: Pointing In The Right Direction is Jonek's brand new CD. The album concept came from Inuit rock formations ("rock people") which served as landmarks in barren landscapes. The same can be said about the album: It is a landmark, standing in a market full of music with no purpose or direction, pointing towards the answer... Jesus Christ.

Featuring production by Tony Stone, and the sultry voice of Beatmart recording artist

Pee Wee Callins, this "feel-good" album is a monument to dedication and perseverance, with that quirky, big kid, Jonek twist.

Jonek's most recent accomplishment is writing a biography in the third person. He hopes you enjoy what you see, read, and hear... and have a great day. God Bless.